Masami (masamichan) wrote in goddesscosplay,

Otakon Plans for Masami the Great =D

Ok everyone! This is a post of my intenerary for Otakon!


-Arrive in Baltimore around noon
-Get in line for badge and get it
-Possibly jump into Bleach costumes to get good photos (depending on time)
-SWIM (depending on time)
-At midnight I will pick up Greg, and come back and sleep


-Wake up pretty early, and Anna and I will get into Bleach
-head over to Dealer's Room? Explore con?
-Around 2pm, Anna and I will change into Naruto
-At 3pm, we will try and get into the Friday costume contest (you guys can try too!!)
-Will attend a Naruto photoshoot at 6:30PM
-Change out of costumes and have fun Friday night


-Wake up REALLY early and try to make pre-judging at 9:30AM (you guys can try again if you want!)
-Anna and I will be in Magna Carta from morning till noon, hanging out at the fountains because people will be looking for us to take pics with
-Change into Eternal Eyes/A. Princess around Noon
-Have fun and be silly
-AT 6:30PM .. we will be lining up for the Masq. as a GROUP. Be there on time, because you cannot line jump.
-After Masq., we want to try and catch the Fan Parodies
-Party alllll night at the rooms!


-Try and wake up and nurse hangover and go to Dealers room
-Try and leave MD BEFORE 2pm.. lets not have a relapse of last year!

**I'd suggest bringing sunglasses, a hat, umbrella, something to read and/or water for the Thursday line.... it WILL be Hell**

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